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Why are wooden toys popular?

Wooden toys mostly from natural raw materials, less chemical additives, both green and environmental protection, carefully smell also contains light log fragrance;

Because of the diversity of wood, flexible material selection, then created wooden toys of a wide variety, pattern also changed the original drab sex, the product is countless;

Not only looks light and delicate, the price is moderate, the color also becomes bright and colorful, and easy to operate and popular with parents, friends and children.

Wooden toys are suitable for children

1. Advantages of wooden toys for preschool education

Essential toys for babies: while training the inlay ability of babies, large movements are practiced to train children's fine movements and inspire children to accurately understand shapes, numbers and quantities, so as to exercise the flexibility of muscles

2. The advantages of role-playing wooden toys

Role game is one of children's favorite games. In role play, children act as different roles and perform different expressions, such as various languages, actions and images. These different roles are children's initial experience of their future social role identity.

Children learn to communicate and good at communication is an important part of early childhood education, and role game is a kind of game activity to cultivate children to develop correct communication behavior.

Therefore, a set of wooden role-playing toys is also essential for our growing up.

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