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History of Wooden Toys

The wooden toy of ancient times, it is a single wooden toy, modern wooden toys are different degrees of practical different material technology contact and processing, to achieve the diversification of toy function, multi-functional.

Wooden toys in the toy category, a long history, wooden toys in Europe and the United States in each stage of the historical development of developed countries, Europe and the United States have a unique cultural ideology, in their national history, Germany's wooden toys are the earliest and the most famous. In ancient Germany, there was the appearance of belt lathes. Wooden toys were processed by belt lathes and then polished by hand. The size of such wooden toys ranged from a few feet to large ones.

There is a man called Alberta in Philadelphia, he is German, immigration to the United States in 1872, he started for the circus toys made wooden horse, he made wooden horse has the characteristics of flexible, lifelike, was used by many local circus, has still to see it, is very popular at that time the Trojan. Later, the circus installed four wheels on the horse, which became the prototype of the ancient carriage.

Because the wooden horse, in after the manufacture of wooden toys, wooden trains, wooden cars, wooden ships, tractors and other wooden appeared, until now, wooden plane became the children's favorite toy, from this we can see, wooden toys have a long history and culture connotation, gives the flavor of The Times. It can be said that wooden toys are indispensable to people's intellectual development.

Wooden toys are not just on the intelligence development has a unique charm, also has the very good characteristics in other ways, practical safety is the first, because the wooden toys are made of wood processing, non-toxic tasteless, is of great help to the children's physical and mental health, then there is unbreakable, wear-resisting, the advantages of resistance to break, it is also keen to buy foreign factors of China's wooden toys.

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