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The material for making wooden toys

1, Pine wood

Pine wood is cheaper (and more expensive to import), lighter, whiter, and has a larger grain path that cracks more easily than other woods.


2, Tea wood

Most often used as wooden toys, the price is higher than pine, high density, heavier, uniform grain, resistant to falling.


3, Bass wood,

Bass wood is beige, light, no wood grain, resistant to fall, the price is more expensive than the above both.


4, Bass plywood

Bass plywood is easy to cut and is often used to make wooden puzzles.


5, MDF

MDF is a wood-based composite board, also known as density board, that is easy to cut, and showing brown color. It’s inexpensive, often used in colorful painted wooden toys.


6, Beech wood

The grain is uniform, the cross section is a bit like rice grain, bit by bit, the price is higher than tea wood, but also resistant to falling.


7, Rubber wood

Toys made of this kind of wood are mostly exported, mainly for the use of very young children in age groups. They feel very good and are very safe.

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